Expressing Feelings

5-point scale bundle
5-Point Scale Bundle
$257.90 Our Price - $229.00

Save when you buy all the 5-Point Scale books plus classroom poster. Practical & bestselling resources refined in 10+ years of practice

emotions & expressions colorcards
Emotions & Expressions Colorcards

These cards provides an opportunity to explore the likely emotions & responses shown in faces and accompanying body language.

emotions skill strips
Emotions Skill Strips
$76.95 Our Price - $64.90

Help students identify facial expressions associated with emotions using these 120 double-sided photo cards

exploring feelings for young children with high-functioning autism or asperger's disorder
Exploring Feelings for Young Children with High-Functioning Autism or Asperger's Disorder

STAMP is a 9-session group program using methods, games and activities that are developmentally appropriate.

f is for feelings
F Is for Feelings
$20.95 Our Price - $19.95

Friendly & positive, this picture book uses an alphabet-book format to share and reinforce emotional language.

feelings in a jar
Feelings in a Jar

101 little cards printed with "feelings words": gleeful, insecure, grateful, angry, cranky, courageous, hopeful, and many more.

the incredible 5-point scale, 2ed
The Incredible 5-Point Scale, 2ed

Develop self-management skills to deal with feelings of anxiety, anger, obsessions, concepts of personal space. Bestseller

my book full of feelings
My Book Full of Feelings

An innovatively presented and highly practical resource to help teach children to identify, assess the intensity of and respond appropriately to their emotions.

taking charge of my rainbow of emotions
Taking CHARGE of My Rainbow of Emotions
$51.32 Our Price - $49.95

This innovative resource provides caregivers with a framework for giving students the tools they need to become effective emotional managers.

understanding emotions
Understanding Emotions
$34.95 Our Price - $29.95

This fantastic new photocopiable activity book is designed to help children to discover, understand and recognise emotions.