Behaviour Management

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the way to a
The Way to A
$36.50 Our Price - $34.95

A simple, logical and systematic strategy that clarifies and sequentially teaches children to manage behaviour - ideal for visual learners

what to do about smearing
What to do about Smearing

Down-to-earth advice, helpful picture narratives, examples of how to use diary sheets for behaviour analysis & practical exercises

why do i have to?
Why Do I Have To?

Why do I have to go to school before the show I'm watching is over? Why do I have to wear shoes and a jacket when I go outside?

why do they do that?
Why do they do that?
$36.55 Our Price - $34.95

For parents and teachers who need solutions to some common and some not so common questions about young children's behaviour.

words are not for hurting
Words are Not for Hurting
$22.50 Our Price - $19.95

Children learn that their words belong to them: they can think before they speak, then choose what to say and how to say it.

words are not for hurting board book
Words are Not for Hurting Board Book
$23.95 Our Price - $14.95

Helps little ones learn big ideas: that they are responsible for what they do and say; that their actions and words affect others; and that they can make positive choices.