Behaviour Management

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tails are not for pulling
Tails are Not for Pulling
$22.50 Our Price - $19.95

Pets may not have words, but they can communicate. Paying attention to an animal’s cues can help a child respond appropriately.

tails are not for pulling board book
Tails are not for Pulling Board Book
$23.95 Our Price - $14.95

This book teaches the basics of kindness to animals: careful handling, awareness, safety, and respect. Baby to kindy.

teeth are not for biting
Teeth are not for Biting
$23.95 Our Price - $14.95

Teaches young children positive alternatives to biting. Ideal for reading aloud, virtually indestructible, this book also includes helpful tips for parents and caregivers.

the tough kid parent book, 2ed
The Tough Kid Parent Book, 2ed
$33.50 Our Price - $24.95

An easy-to-read book with thought-provoking activities, troubleshooting guides, and checklists to remedy misbehaviour and help children build positive habits.