Welcome to the new Autism SA Bookshop

Autism SA has launched a new book shop with a carefully chosen selection of books to support those with autism. The Book Shop focuses on offering practical resources for families, classroom teachers, and those that support individuals on the autism spectrum.

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the social times curriculum

The Social Times Curriculum

$199.95 Our Price - $139.95, Set

Teach social cognition & emotion regulation, increase motivation & peer interaction in an enjoyable way.

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passionate mind

Passionate Mind

$44.99, Paperback

Sets out the theory of Single Attention and Associated Cognition in Autism (SAACA), which explains autism in terms of the unique learning style of AS individuals.

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autism as context blindness

Autism As Context Blindness

$54.95, Paperback

Explains in everyday terms how the autistic brain functions with a particular emphasis on the apparent lack of sensitivity to and awareness of the context in which things happen.

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helping your angry teen

Helping Your Angry Teen

$33.95, Paperback

Take control of your own reactions & start reconnecting with your angry teen with this helpful book.

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