Big Picture Thinking: Using Central Coherence Theory to Support Social Skills

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Aileen Zeitz Collucci

Big Picture Thinking

Age Range: 4 to 18
ISBN: 9781934575864

Many people who have difficulties with social cognition, including those on the autism spectrum, are not able to see the "big picture" of a situation. That is, they tend to focus, or even "hyper-focus" on the details within the larger whole of a concept, conversation, story, picture or situation, and have difficulty recognising the main idea, topic or general point. Big Picture Thinking was written to help students with cognitive deficits "see" how individual pieces of social information fit into a larger context, so that they may begin to become "big picture thinkers" and, therefore be more successful.

Author, Aileen Colluci, is a speech-language pathologist who specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of people with social-communication deficits. She teaches fifth grade to high school students with social-cognitive deficits; specifically those with autism; how to understand the context, or whole, of a social situation as it is happening by adding all the parts together to understand the big picture. She outlines important social processes; feelings and emotions, self-control, perspective taking, communication, relationships, and interactions; and the importance of putting it all together to process a situation.

The book was written for children, but adults working with them, such as parents and professionals, can lead them through the activities.

The Underlying Characteristics Checklist-Early Intervention (UCC) assessment for use by caregivers and professionals is included.