Applied Behavior Analysis for Everyone: Principles and Practices Explained by´╗┐ Applied Researchers Who Use Them

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Robert Pennington

  • Applied Behavior Analysis for Everyone

ISBN: 9781942197454

An understanding of applied behaviour analysis (ABA) can help teachers, therapists, and practitioners improve the lives of those for whom they are charged to care and serve.

In this introduction to ABA - Applied Behavior Analysis for Everyone - Robert Pennington assembles a cast of talented researchers to describe in their own words important behavioural concepts to an uninitiated audience.

The book, comprised of 17 brief chapters, is chocked full of rich examples intended to help the reader navigate unfamiliar concepts and behavioural terminology.

The authors cover a range of topics from functional assessment and intervention to instructional strategies for teaching a range of skills to a range of populations.

It is a perfect gateway into behaviour analytic practice for parents, educators, para-educators, registered behaviour technicians, and related service providers.