Non-Verbal Communication

emotions & expressions colorcards
Emotions & Expressions Colorcards
$86.99, Cards

These cards provides an opportunity to explore the likely emotions & responses shown in faces and accompanying body language.

emotions & expressions colorcards 2
Emotions & Expressions Colorcards 2
$83.99, Cards

More complex set of cards to help children whose non verbal understanding is insufficient to hold effective conversations

mind reading
Mind Reading
$129.00, DVD

A unique reference work covering the entire spectrum of human emotions. An invaluable resource for those on the autism spectrum who want to improve recognition of emotions as well as for parents, teachers and those involved in social skills training.

not just talking
Not Just Talking
$83.99 Our Price - $69.95 Spiral Bound

This innovative programme promotes the good use of non-verbal skills in children. It changes the lives of children in the family and at school

a picture's worth, 2ed
A Picture's Worth, 2ed
$37.50 Our Price - $31.50 Paperback

The authors co-developed the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) during many years of experience working with children with autism and now share their expertise in this easy-to-use guide.

tips - teaching important parenting strategies
TIPS - Teaching Important Parenting Strategies
$39.95 Our Price - $29.95 Paperback

Practical solutions to communication, behaviour, sensory & technology challenges community outings, etc.