New Titles

the asd independence workbook
The ASD Independence Workbook
$33.95, Paperback

Powerful skills to help teens & young adults with autism successfully navigate the skills required for daily living & integration

autism works
Autism Works
$41.99, Paperback

People with autism are being left behind today, with only 16 per cent in full-time employment.

can i tell you about auditory processing disorder?
Can I tell you about Auditory Processing Disorder?
$19.99, Paperback

Ideal for helping children with APD to understand the condition, while increasing their self-esteem & confidence.

coming soon - i am special board game
COMING SOON - I Am Special Board Game
$107.00, Softcover

Shows the many ways in which we are all unique - to be used with young people with autism and those who are neurotypical.

conversation club
Conversation Club
$89.95 Our Price - $83.95 Softcover

Provides a comprehensive instructional framework for teaching both the “how” & “why” of conversation for primary school students with high functioning autism.

excelling with autism
Excelling With Autism
$44.95 Our Price - $39.95 Paperback

Introduces a new way to optimise the progress of learners with ASD - by "deliberate practice"

exploring feelings - anxiety training manual
Exploring Feelings - Anxiety Training Manual
$20.95, Softcover

A manual for those working with high anxiety & Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) individuals in a group setting.

fall down seven times, get up eight
Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight
$19.99, Paperback

Follow-up to best-seller The Reason I Jump. Illuminating & practical insight into autism from a young man's perspective

i am special, 2nd edition
I Am Special, 2nd Edition
$54.99, Paperback

An excellent source of information for the autistic child & the first step in a process of counselling or discussion groups on autism.

parents' practical guide to resilience for preteens and teenagers on the autism spectrum
Parents' Practical Guide to Resilience for Preteens and Teenagers on the Autism Spectrum
$29.99, Paperback

Sexuality & relationships, entering employment, living away from home - a guide for these issues & more

uniquely wired
Uniquely Wired
$19.99, Paperback

Zak is obsessed with watches. Before that it was trains. He owns hundreds and tells everyone about them

winston wallaby can't stop bouncing
Winston Wallaby Can't Stop Bouncing
$32.99, Hardback

This illustrated storybook explains hyperactivity through the story of Winston & his uncontrollable bouncing at school

zach stands up
Zach Stands Up
$23.95 Our Price - $21.95 Hardback

When Zach sees friend Sonya being bullied at school, he creates the stand up to bullying STAR - speak up, take off, actively listen, report