Life Skills

the asd independence workbook
The ASD Independence Workbook
$33.95, Paperback

Powerful skills to help teens & young adults with autism successfully navigate the skills required for daily living & integration

how to teach life skills to kids with autism or asperger's
How to Teach Life Skills to Kids with Autism or Asperger's
$39.95 Our Price - $36.50 Paperback

Co-author of the groundbreaking book Asperger's and Girls, Jennifer McIlwee Myers' personal experience with Asperger's Syndrome and having a brother with autism makes her perspective doubly insightful.

teaching time management to learners with autism spectrum disorder
Teaching Time Management To Learners With Autism Spectrum Disorder
$43.50 Our Price - $39.95 Paperback

Presents ways to facilitate time-management skills for learners with autism spectrum disorder.

toilet training for individuals with autism & related disorders, 2ed
Toilet Training For Individuals With Autism & Related Disorders, 2ed
$36.50, Softcover

An excellent guide through the special difficulties encountered when toilet training an individual with autism. This book offers over 200 toilet training tips, 50 case examples from which you can learn, and 40 "cautions."

tom needs to go
Tom Needs to Go
$19.99, Hardback

With simple & effective illustrations, this is a perfect starting point for teaching independence when using public toilets.