5-Point Scale Bundle
97 pages
Age Range: 4 to 18

5-Point Scale Bundle

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Kari Dunn Buron, Mitzi Curtis

Save when you buy all the 5-Point Scale books plus the classroom poster!

Refined in 10+ years of practice, the 5-Point scale resources are so popular because they are practical, easy to use and they really work. This bundle includes: the updated Incredible 5-Point Scale book plus popular books using the concept to help self-management in children, teens and adults with a variety of behaviours and responses, including feelings of anxiety, anger, obsessions, social boundaries and social-emotional concepts.

5-Point Scale Bundle includes one copy of each of these popular resources:

  • The Incredible 5-Point Scale, 2nd Edition
  • A 5 Could Make Me Lost Control
  • A 5 Is Against the Law!
  • Social Behavior and Self-Management
  • When My Worries Get Too Big
  • The 5-Point Scale and Anxiety Curve Poster


5-point scale bundle
the incredible 5-point scale, 2ed
Assisting Students with ASDs in Understanding Social Interactions and Controlling Their Emotional
SoftcoverSample Pages$34.95Cart+
a 5 is against the law!
Social Boundaries: Straight Up! An honest guide for teens and young adults
social behavior and self-management
5-Point Scales for Adolescents and Adults
PaperbackSample Pages$32.95Cart+
when my worries get too big
a relaxation book for children who live with anxiety
the 5-point scale and anxiety curve poster
PosterSample Pages$42.95Cart+