200+ Proven Strategies for Teaching Reading, Grades K-8: Support the Needs of Struggling Readers

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Kathy Perez

  • 200+ Proven Strategies for Teaching Reading, Grades K-8

ISBN: 9781936764433

This book is unique in that it goes beyond individual teacher assistance to provide creative systems that work in concert with a student s literacy education. This easy-to-use reference guide provides K 8 teachers with practical strategies to motivate all students to develop their reading abilities across grade levels and content areas. Focus on what early-literacy instruction and intervention struggling students should receive and what tips parents should know to help struggling readers. With instructional practices that can be adapted for a wide range of academic interventions, this book shows educators where to start in building an action plan for student literacy achievement. It is an ideal professional development resource for team study and discussion.


  • Gain insight into the early signs of reading struggles.
  • Examine relevant theory and research related to literacy, including the fundamental elements of reading that need to work in balance in literacy instruction.
  • Review questioning strategies to help students broaden their understanding when reading challenging texts.
  • Explore graphic organizers that can engage higher-level thinking skills.
  • Survey a toolbox of instructional practices for supporting literacy in inclusive classrooms.
  • Study a blueprint for success for literacy programs.

Table of Contents


  1. The Struggling Reader
  2. Key Elements of Balanced Literacy Programs
  3. Effective Early Literacy Intervention
  4. Vocabulary Strategies Helping Students Become Word Wise
  5. Graphic Organizers Making Thinking Visible
  6. Content Strategies Navigating Informational Text
  7. Questioning Techniques Fostering Higher-Level Thinking
  8. Developing an Action Plan for Success

Appendix: Teacher s Toolbox

References and Resources