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101 Ideas for Managing Challenging Behaviour

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Sue Jennings

  • 101 Ideas for Managing Challenging Behaviour

120 pages
ISBN: 9781906531447

101 practical activities and ideas to help those working with young people to address issues of challenging behaviour ranging from low-level disruption to more extreme aggression.

This book is structured around the ides of Hero's journey, a creative approach that enables an exploration of the journey through life. The concept of the journey allows young people to examine ideas and themes such as facing up to challenges and coping with change. Through the activities young people will be helped to address issues of self-esteem, empathy, managing emotions and social skills and to approach personal and social issues in active, creative and indirect ways. This enables them to make new choices and resolutions. Each section of the book explores a different stage of the journey, with two additional sections of activities created for use with looked-after children and teenagers and those on the autism spectrum.

Background information includes definitions of challenging behaviour, emotional & behavioural difficulties; understanding challenging behaviour & strategies for coping. The activities will help young people through addressing issues of self-esteem, empathy, managing emotions and social skills.

These are grouped in themes:

  • Restlessness & hyperactivity
  • Attention-seeking
  • Aggressive behaviour
  • Avoiding confrontation
  • Verbal & physical abuse
  • Disruptive groups
  • Inappropriate social behaviour.

Each activity has a tick box to indicate if it is suitable for children, teenagers or both.

Resources include worksheets and story-sheets which, along with activities are photocopiable and can be printed from the included CD.

Table of Contents


About the Author


Part One

  • Before the Journey Begins

Part Two

  • Preparation for the Journey

Part Three

  • Setting Out on the Journey

Part Four

  • Dealing with Difficulties & Dangers

Part Five

  • Horrors & Help

Part Six

  • Finding the Treasure

Part Seven

  • The Journey Home

Part Eight

  • Telling My Story

Part Nine

  • Care on the Journey: Looked-after' Children & Teenagers

Part Ten

  • A Hand of Support: Children & Teenagers on the Autism Spectrum



Story Sheets

References & Further Reading