100 Ideas for Primary Teachers, Interventions

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Stephen Lockyer

  • 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers, Interventions

128 pages
ISBN: 9781472949660

Interventions are small mini lessons, used either as one-offs or as part of a series, to help children keep in line with their peers, both academically and socially.

Teachers can often diagnose what the difficulty is that the child is having, but can be uncertain as to how to offer an effective one-to-one or small group intervention lesson to help that child overcome their challenge.

With a vast range of abilities and difficulties in each class, this book is the perfect 'dip in and problem solve' solution when teachers are planning their interventions. It covers letter and number transposition, one-to-one correspondence, handwriting issues, reading support and guidance, phonological breakdown skills, coin skills, odd and even skills and patterning, sequencing, telling the time. These are the little skills that need tightening up more for some children than others.

With helpful icons sign-posting the time each intervention will take, if it's a one off or part of a series and to carried on one-to-one or part of group this book is the ultimate resource for planning and undertaking primary school interventions.