100% Concepts: Intermediate
174 pages
Age Range: 10 to 14
ISBN: 9780760601556

100% Concepts: Intermediate

$88.00, Softcover
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LinguiSystems Staff

Children need an adequate grasp of concepts to succeed in school and daily life. The essential concepts for each grade build upon one another in successive grades. When students miss out on these concepts, they fall further and further behind.

100% Concepts: Intermediate teaches your older students the concepts they need to know to stay on top of classroom demands:

  • Teaches 290 key concepts: the essential concept vocabulary students need for academic success
  • Groups concepts by nine curricular areas
  • Targets receptive and expressive language skills through a variety of activity formats
  • Provides teacher guide pages and a progress log for each unit
  • Works well for one-on-one therapy, small group, or classroom teaching
  • Complete index of all concepts and answer key provided