Coeliac Disease

link to Eating Gluten-Free with Emily
Eating Gluten-Free with Emily
$29.95, Hardback

Explains the symptoms, diagnosis, and gluten-free dietary restrictions of celiac disease.

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The GF Kid
$29.95, Paperback

Provides words of wisdom from Paris, a spunky eleven-year old with celiac disease. Illustrated in a funny cartoon style, the book offers loads of advice about how to deal with celiac disease and stay happy and healthy while living gluten-free.

link to Incredible Edible Gluten Free Foods for Kids
Incredible Edible Gluten Free Foods for Kids
$42.00 Our Price - $37.95, Paperback

The first cookbook to provide delectable gluten-free recipes formulated especially for children with gluten sensitivities due to a condition such as celiac disease.

link to Kids With Celiac Disease
Kids With Celiac Disease
$34.95 Our Price - $9.95, Paperback

This is the first practical guide for the families of children and teenagers with celiac disease, a chronic, lifelong digestive disorder.