Visual Discrimination

link to Compare and Contrast Fun Deck
Compare and Contrast Fun Deck
$22.00 Our Price - $19.95, Cards

Provides colourful illustrations to help children identify similarities and differences. It also helps them develop their reasoning skills.

link to Comparison Challenge
Comparison Challenge
$38.50 Our Price - $24.95, Spiral Bound

Challenge your students to give precise descriptions of pictures as they participate in the barrier games in this activity kit.

link to Impossible Situations
Impossible Situations
$41.95 Our Price - $34.95, Cards

These high-interest activities challenge students to describe the absurdities shown in pictures. This set includes 30 cards that each depict an absurd situation. The student's task is to describe what is wrong in each of the pictures. Great fun!

link to Picture Comparison Card Deck
Picture Comparison Card Deck
$17.95, Cards

Challenge your students to describe similarities and differences using the full-colour picture pairs in this set. Each picture pair includes pictures with differences that students must identify and describe. The set includes 60 cards.

link to Spot what's wrong
Spot what's wrong
$96.75 Our Price - $89.95, Cards

These cards are designed to encourage development of a child's visual discrimination, receptive and expressive language skills.

link to Target Ladders Visual Perception
Target Ladders Visual Perception
$42.50, Softcover (inc CD)

This powerful new book offers a system for setting and monitoring targets which can replace or complement IEPs.

link to Visual Discrimination
Visual Discrimination
$27.95, Softcover

This book aims to develop visual discrimination and critical thinking skills necessary in all areas of learning.

link to Visual Discrimination
Visual Discrimination
$22.95, Softcover

Contains activities requiring children to find likenesses and differences among varied pictures and graphics.

link to Visual Discrimination for All Kids - Book1
Visual Discrimination for All Kids - Book1
$40.00, Softcover

This book focuses on the early visual discrimination skills of matching and classifying pictures and shapes on the basis of sameness.

link to Visual Literacy Book 1
Visual Literacy Book 1

For children 7+, this entertaining book features 30 varied texts and subjects, including a timeline of Johnny Depp's films and instructions for making a Diwali lamp.

link to Visual Memory Skills
Visual Memory Skills
$26.95, Softcover

Containing 48 pages of appealing activities, this book will be a fantastic resource to boost children's visual recall skills, and therefore their ability to effectively access the curriculum.

link to What's That Look on Your Face?
What's That Look on Your Face?
$29.95, Hardback

This strikingly illustrated book helps young readers link faces to feelings by presenting situations they can all relate to. Twelve basic feelings are illustrated with an exaggerated facial expression and short poem to reinforce its meaning.