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link to 101 Tips for Parents of Children with Autism
101 Tips for Parents of Children with Autism
$29.95, Paperback

Do you need help dealing with your child's tantrums, inappropriate behaviour or communication issues? Then this is the book you've been waiting for.

link to Bully-Proofing Your Child
Bully-Proofing Your Child
$4.95, Booklet

Counsellors, social workers, and teachers working with parents in need of immediate assistance can offer them a crash course in bullying with this short, insightful book.

link to The Defiant Child
The Defiant Child
$22.95, Paperback

Offers a much needed insight into Oppositional Defiance Disorder so parents can better understand the turmoil in their families and resolve it by taking back control.

link to Family HOPE Program Guide
Family HOPE Program Guide
$31.95, Paperback (inc CD)

Based on the principles of positive behaviour support (PBS), this program offers support and encouragement for families of children with behavioural issues.

link to Far from the Tree
Far from the Tree
$33.95, Paperback

A monumental new work. Andrew Solomon tells the stories of parents who not only learn to deal with their exceptional children but also find profound meaning in doing so.

link to Fed Up
Fed Up
$24.95, Paperback

Based on groundbreaking research, Sue Dengate's books show that learning difficulties, behavioural problems and minor chronic illness in children and adults can all be the result of intolerance to food chemicals.

link to Grandparent's Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders
Grandparent's Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorders
$34.95, Paperback

A practical guide to turning grandparents' concern, confusion and initial sadness for their grandchild with ASD into a relationship of acceptance, confidence and realistic expectations.

link to Help Your Child Succeed at School
Help Your Child Succeed at School
$20.00, Paperback

Full of practical ideas, this book provides research based advice to enhance children's concentration, memory and to develop the skills to succeed at school.

link to How Your Child Learns Best
How Your Child Learns Best
$26.95, Paperback

Discover how to help your child increase academic focus and success, lower test stress while increasing test scores, increase class participation, foster creativity, and improve attention span, memory, and higher-level thinking.

link to The Idle Parent
The Idle Parent
$24.95, Paperback

If you've ever wondered why so many of today's children are unhappy, spoilt, stressed and selfish - mini-adults, really - then the answers and the remedy are to be found in "The Idle Parent".

link to Lessons From My Child
Lessons From My Child
$26.95, Paperback

A collection of stories from parents of special-needs children from around the world who speak openly and honestly about raising a child with intellectual or physical disabilities.

link to Living Well with Mitochondrial Disease
Living Well with Mitochondrial Disease
$34.95, Paperback

This guide is the first book about Mito written for patients and their families. Understand how mitochondrial defects are diagnosed and treated, and how to live well when you, your child, or someone you love is struggling with disabling symptoms.

link to Married with Special Needs Children
Married with Special Needs Children
$34.95, Paperback

A guide for parents & mental health professionals about how to work on marital issues while juggling the demands of raising a child with a developmental disability, serious medical condition, or mental illness.

link to Mothering Special Needs
Mothering Special Needs
$47.95, Paperback

This book explores the lived experience of mothers raising a child with a learning disability, through interviews with mothers of children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Down syndrome.

link to
$36.00, Softcover

Navi-Gator guides you in creating your own drawings to teach and reinforce concepts of positive behaviour and communication.

link to Nobody Ever Told Me (or My Mother) That!
Nobody Ever Told Me (or My Mother) That!
$34.95, Paperback

Written by a speech-language pathologist with more than 30 years of experience, this book contains practical advice for all new parents on everything they need to know about oral development from birth to 8 years old.

link to The Parent Coach
The Parent Coach
$54.95 Our Price - $39.45, Paperback

This innovative product makes it easy for parents, teachers, and mental health professionals to “partner” with children to teach social and emotional skills through commonsense approaches.

link to Parent's Guide
Parent's Guide
$43.95, Softcover

The Parent's Guide is the perfect resource for parents of special needs children, foster parents, adoptive parents, or any parent who wishes to improve his or her skills in dealing with the demands of raising children today.

link to Parent's Guide To Attention Deficit Disorders
Parent's Guide To Attention Deficit Disorders
$49.95, Softcover

Provides logical and useful suggestions for those parents who have been searching for solutions to their child's problems.

link to A Parent's Guide to Learning Difficulties
A Parent's Guide to Learning Difficulties
$32.95, Paperback

Provides parents with a clear explanation of the many causes of children's problems in learning, and contains jargon free and practical advice for helping children with reading, writing and mathematics

link to The Parent's Guide To Learning Disabilities
The Parent's Guide To Learning Disabilities
$49.95, Softcover

This manual provides parents with intervention strategies parents can implement at home to contribute to success at home and school.

link to The Parent's Guide to the Medical World of Autism
The Parent's Guide to the Medical World of Autism
$24.95, Paperback

This book presents the medical treatments available to children and young adults on the Autism spectrum, with information on the results you can expect with all types of medications and what can be done to create a successful treatment regimen.

link to Parenting a Child Who Has Intense Emotions
Parenting a Child Who Has Intense Emotions
$25.95, Paperback

This well-researched method for managing emotions can help your child make dramatic emotional and behavioural changes.

link to Parenting Towards Solutions
Parenting Towards Solutions
$49.95, Hardback

Based on Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, this remarkable resource helps parents learn how to change their relationships with their children, so children may be empowered to solve their own problems.

link to Parenting Young Children
Parenting Young Children
$108.95 Our Price - $78.95, Softcover (inc CD)

This user-friendly resource aids parent educators in teaching parents to be more authoritative than authoritarian, resulting in nurturing yet disciplined homes that foster healthy, happy children.

link to Parents Guide to Speech & Language Problems
Parents Guide to Speech & Language Problems
$27.95, Paperback

A one-stop resource, offering not just the most up-to-date medical information but also advice and encouragement from a mother who's been there.

link to Plan B
Plan B
$21.95, Paperback

A large proportion of special-needs parents are single parents. PlanB will help you make your own roadmap as a solo parent by offering interactive lists to create your own emotional, practical and actual PlanB.

link to The Power of Mothers
The Power of Mothers
$35.00, Paperback

Celia Lashlie, justice reform campaigner and bestselling author, brings her powerful insight to the problems of families trapped in a spiral of crime, poverty and abuse.

link to Raising a Self-Disciplined Child
Raising a Self-Disciplined Child
$23.95, Paperback

Why are some kids out of control while others are able to keep it together? By two of the most respected, quoted, and best-selling authorities on raising children.

link to Real Wired Child
Real Wired Child
$19.95, Paperback

A desperately needed guide for parents who want to know what their children are doing online and what they can do to ensure their children's wellbeing when in cyberspace.

link to Rewired
$33.00 Our Price - $19.95, Paperback

Exposes the impact of generational differences on learning while providing strategies for engaging students at school and at home.

link to Sensory Parenting
Sensory Parenting
$28.95, Paperback

A child’s sensory system affects their ability to learn, play, socialise and function.This book has a wealth of sensory information for parents, including sensory-intergration methods, tips, and solutions.

link to Special Diets for Special Kids, 2e
Special Diets for Special Kids, 2e
$49.95, Softcover (inc CD)

Combine 1 part research with 2 parts practical, hands-on Information, add a dash of humour and season well with years of experience.

link to Steve Biddulph's Raising Boys, 4ed
Steve Biddulph's Raising Boys, 4ed
$24.99, Paperback

Why boys are different and how to help them become happy and well balanced men. 4th edition of Steve Biddulph's international bestseller.

link to Steve Biddulph's Raising Girls
Steve Biddulph's Raising Girls
$24.99, Paperback

There has been a sharp deterioration in girls’ mental health, starting in primary school and devastating the teen years. Steve Biddulph’s Raising Girls is both a guidebook and a call-to-arms for parents.

link to Surviving Step-Families
Surviving Step-Families
$19.95, Paperback

An essential handbook for any step-parent or anyone considering joining the ranks of the fastest-growing family group in Australia.

link to Surviving Your Adolescents
Surviving Your Adolescents
$52.95, DVD

Living with a teenager is no picnic. This DVD gives parents a step-by-step approach that will help end the hassles and offer concrete solutions.

link to Taking the Hell out of Homework
Taking the Hell out of Homework
$24.95, Paperback

Boost your child’s confidence; banish the tears and end the battle over homework with this wonderfully crafted book.

link to Talk Less, Listen More
Talk Less, Listen More
$29.95, Paperback

Provides parents with strategies and ideas on how to ensure children take responsibility for their actions and are able to determine what is appropriate behaviour.

link to Top Ten Tips
Top Ten Tips
$32.50 Our Price - $27.95, Paperback

With advice from speechies, OTs, autism experts, parents & individuals on the spectrum, this at-your-fingertips tool will help families with a child on the autism spectrum navigate their way through life.

link to The Tough Kid Parent Book, 2ed
The Tough Kid Parent Book, 2ed
$23.95, Paperback

An easy-to-read book with thought-provoking activities, troubleshooting guides, and checklists to remedy misbehaviour and help children build positive habits.

link to The Transition Tightrope
The Transition Tightrope
$46.00, Paperback

Offers practical tips, strategies and information to anyone who lives or works with young people in the transition to secondary school phase.

link to Trouble With School
Trouble With School
$24.95 Our Price - $9.90, Paperback

Allison and her mother take turns discussing their feelings about her learning disabililty.

link to Views From Our Shoes
Views From Our Shoes
$23.50, Paperback

Boys and girls whose essays are featured in this collection share their experiences of growing up with a brother or sister with a disability.

link to What Growing up is all About
What Growing up is all About
$27.95 Our Price - $19.95, Paperback

Written from a rational-emotive perspective, this book encourages readers to develop realistic expectations for their children and for themselves as parents.

link to What Your Explosive Child Is Trying to Tell You
What Your Explosive Child Is Trying to Tell You
$21.95, Paperback

From the author of "The Defiant Child" comes the first book to connect explosive behaviour; when kids go from Jekyll to Hyde and back in the blink of an eye; with its underlying causes.

link to When Things get Crazy with your Teen
When Things get Crazy with your Teen
$36.95, Hardback

Written and presented in a clear, no-nonsense style, this is a quick, practical resource to help anyone who could use a little help with the teens in their life.