Social Skills Role Play Cards, Teenage Dilemmas & Choices
48 pages
Age Range: 13 to 18
ISBN: 9781906531928

Social Skills Role Play Cards, Teenage Dilemmas & Choices : Set 4

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Sue Jennings, Sarah Miles

Use these cards to rehearse the social dilemmas teens may encounter both in and out of school. There are no right and wrong answers, but these discussion and role play cards will help young people to think through the different options available and consider the choices they can make. Ideal for building social and life skills around relationships, personal safety and conflict resolution.

Themes covered include: Family; Relationships; Online & Social Media; Life Skills; Peer Pressure, e.g., 'After a party your friend is really drunk. A boy she hardly knows offers to help her get home.'; 'You are walking home late one night and think you can hear someone following you'; 'You notice someone has left some money in the cash machine. No-one seems to be looking and you could really use the extra cash'.