Sometimes I Feel ...
48 pages
ISBN: 9780863885327

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Sometimes I Feel ...: ColorCards

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Pia Jones

This collection of 48 beautifully illustrated cards are designed as a practical and creative tool to help children understand their emotional literacy. The cards bring to life two central characters, a little girl and boy who share and express a range of intensive feelings, both practical and difficult.

With the pictures are suggested phrases to use as conversation starters, such as:

  • Sometimes I feel like fighting for what I believe in
  • Sometimes I can't decide what to choose
  • Sometimes I feel like singing in the morning
  • Sometimes I feel like I am about the explode.

The cards can serve as a springboard to allow children to invent their own personal metaphors for their feelings and will help them to realise that they are not alone in feeling as they do.

Contents: 48 colour illustrated A5 cards, instructions booklet, boxed.